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A Look Behind A Great Customer Experience

A Christmas Tale in 3 episodes about a broken MacBook Keyboard or …

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Episode 1 of 3: Getting Support for Hardware Repairs

Episode 2 of 3: At the Apple Store with a Broken MacBook Keyboard

Episode 3 of 3: The Good News and the Bad News

“Apple heart” by 8+1 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

At home with Thermomix
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Those moments when the Thermomix brand community pulled out its best during the COVID-19 lockdown

Per definition, brand communities are networks of people attached to a brand who share the same passion and values. Building such a community is an art that requires dedication, competences and time. But once it’s there and activated, it’s a happy kicking living thing that takes over the brand in return of helping the business to outperform.

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Everything we did wrong with our dyslexic child

My son has dyslexia and dyscalculia. At school he has been always different from his other peers. We ran from the school psychologist to the pediatrician and back to the school psychologist to perform all forms of check-up with the aim to understand why he is different and how can we make him become less different. That was probably our biggest mistake. But let’s proceed in order. Continue reading “Everything we did wrong with our dyslexic child”


The Boy With His Head in the Clouds

We realised our first born Antonio is different than other kids at the maternity school. He was constantly disappointing his teacher and we didn’t really understand why and what the teacher was expecting from a 5-years old boy, except it was not what the other kids (apparently) were delivering.

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