Relocation Tale

This blog starts with a relocation. The word relocation may not be appropriate as there is no “re” in our story. We moved out, stored our stuff in a self storage box and left Monza for a 2 weeks holiday by the seaside. We means me, my wife and our 3 kids. Are we crazy? We must be somehow.

I am an expert of relocations. When I arrived in Italy thanks to a job offer from a UK based online travel agency, my previous relocation was only three years behind me. That was when I started to live together with my wife. Once in Italy, it took less than 4 month for heading the next relocation, from Rome to Milan. Actually, me and my wife, we considered Milan an ugly place to live. So we looked for alternatives and found Monza, with its lovely historical city centre and a beautiful park.

We moved to Monza. Via Carlo Alberto 27, that was our first apartment in Italy we’d rented. Rent was ok, but in the winter the simple glasses didn’t hold back the cold. And 2006 was the historical snowfall in Milan and surroundings. Much better Rome than. My wife missed the sun, the people, the food, the opulent beauty of the everlasting capital. The next relocation was just behind the corner. But by that time we were three. Meanwhile first born Antonio had joined the family.

It was a great experience leaving and working in Rome. My wife Andrea was pregnant of number two, Nicola. The experience from the gynecologic visits were less exciting. Also, the daily challenge of having a walk with the push chair on the streets, facing car parked everywhere and impatient and careless car driver attempting your life, not to mention the garbage and the ignorance and the decadency and … to make it short, we went back to Monza. Few weeks after the relocation, Nicola was born. And two more years later, our little girl Marie Sofie joined us.

That was the apartment we just left. A nice one, situated in the middle of the movida of Monza. A house with just two families on each floor and the Focacceria at the ground floor. Not everything was great, but overall we had a really good time in that place. We lived there for 3 years exactly. And now we relocated again.

Are we crazy, careless parents? I’m really thinking about it.


  1. I guess we should test different possibilities before picking one for the rest of our lives. Besides, life changes…
    This year I did a relocation too. It’s my 6th apartment in 7 years. Well, now I hope to stay here at least for a couple of years, but… who knows?
    Good luck for you all. 🙂

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  2. Thanks Barbara! The changes are the difficult bit… we are changing, our expectations, dreams.. so when would be the right time to make a definite decision? I doubt that this is possible anyway. I hope to be in Switzerland for autumn, that would be a long term place I’d like to stay, in particular for my kids. But you never know 🙂


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