Working while on Holiday

Probably not the best idea. Either you enjoy holiday or you work. I am in a weird situation though. I don’t have other place to stay for now than a holiday village by the seaside. I didn’t have any place to go only 5 days before moving out!

Sounds crazy, I realise only now. Than, with the help of two business contacts (thank you Francesca and Chiara!) the manager of a holiday village situated by the seaside in Liguria got aware of my situation and we found a deal. I would have received a heavily discounted rate for a 2 week stay with my family in exchange of genuine live blogging. It would have mean working while on holiday. But doesn’t it sound a whole different now?  Yes it does. I accepted it.

In fact, there is no really a deal with Loano 2 Village. The proposal from Elisabetta, the manager, was simple and honest: don’t worry, come down to Liguria, find rest, enjoy and share it.

So, here we are!

We spent our first week in Loano 2 Village, and one more week is ahead. Our kids are loving it. And we are loving it, too. I didn’t realise that I needed a holiday so badly. It’s a dream of a job: sitting down few hours in the morning, working on my running projects and meanwhile put together all the content to share from our holiday village experience.

So, that’s the kick off. I’m using #familyholiday and #Loano as hashtag, and you may find here the collection of all links and content. You may also visit the holiday village website: www.loano2village.it

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