Living in a resort

Yes, I do. Temporarily. With me, my wife and our three little kids. We sold all the furniture, the rest is in a self storage space close to Milan. It feels like a holiday and that’s the part a like the most.

We stay at the Loano 2 Village on the Liguria coast. A great place for a family holiday. Right now I’m sitting in the resort bar chatting with Igor the bartender after he served my after lunch espresso.

Yesterday I was in Milan, for work. I left Loano in the morning by car, and after only two hours drive I arrived in Milan. I parked the car. I took the metro to the city. I made all the appointments. I worked from my MacBook. I went to an after-work event. Easy.

And strange.

I had still my green resort bracelet (or wristband?) on recognising me as a guest of the Loano 2 Village. I felt like an intruder in the world of hard working people. Someone who could afford to spend more time on holiday than at work. It was a great icebreaker. Everybody seemed to be curious about my green bracelet. I’ve been asked a lot of questions. So I told the story about ten times. People loved it.

You know, I live in a resort.
You mean you work there?
No, I mean yes I have to work, but I live in a resort. I sold off all the furniture, put my stuff in a self storage place and left for a resort by the seaside in Liguria.
Oh, but where is your actual domicile?
The resort.
Really? But what comes after. Are you relocating to somewhere?
Mmh, yes ideally yes. I would love to go live in Switzerland.
So, you don’t know if that will work out?
Not yet, unfortunately. But for the kids it would be great.
You have kids?!
Ah, yes, three?
Three kids?! An you live in a resort…
Are you married?
Yes, I am.
Your wife must be a saint.
Well, I’m not too bad as a husband, too, you know.
Yeah, but it’s incredible she accepted to live so… I mean you don’t know where you will be next after this experience right?
Wow. That’s a great story
I know.

If you’re interested discovering more about Loano 2 Village, visit the website: www.loano2village.it or ask me a question on twitter.

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