The Italian cruise line

MSC was since ever for me THE Italian cruise line. It’s not the only one I agree. But when I think of an Italian cruise company the three letter logo pops up in my mind immediately. MSC puts together the first international blog trip with bloggers from 6 countries. And I will be on board representing Italy!

I’ve never been on a cruise trip before. I watched a lot of Love Boat on TV. Wouldn’t that be great to meet personally the captain, the doctor and the bartender? You may want to give me some tips on must does and don’ts for a cruise trip, too. Please do. My comment area is open to you.

Talking about the boat. MSC Splendida (sister ship of the MSC Divina you can see not the video below) will be my home for 3 days and 2 nights cruising from Civitavecchia nearby Rome to Genoa and Barcelona. The trip starts on July 6th from Civitavecchia nearby Rome and ends on the 8th of July in Barcelona after visiting Genoa. The clue of this blogtrip is the chance to gather a sight backstage and having everything filmed by a professional film crew.

And I’m also curious discovering what a cruise trip offers to families with kids, although my wife and my kids wont be with me on the trip.

Wanna follow? I just found a great page here on Travelllll.com. Shortly I will also publish a page on Searcheez. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts, questions,  ideas on what to discover! Find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Hashtag of the trip: #mscsplendida

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