On the Road

It’s beautiful to live in a holiday resort. And like everything beautiful it comes to an end. Car packed, kids safely seated, full tank: let’s hit the road again for the next destinations. Check out our road map.

I’ve never been to Bavaria before, except of Munich. Making a stop by the Chiemsee was a good idea! After spending the night at the Gasthof Prinzregent Superior in Marquartstein, enjoying Bavarian sausages, ham and speck and asparagus with sauce hollandaise and sleeping in a comfortable four bed apartment, we headed for Chieming. A beautiful sunny day. No rush, no hurry. This blue lake framed by woods and mountains overwhelmed me. Before I could say a word the kids were naked jumping into the water.

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Alongside the lake a track allows to make the tour of the whole lake offering different spots where to restore. We discovered a play ground nearby the water and also a sort of spa. It should help circulation walking for and back in a creek. The water is so cold as ice! I didn’t finish the walk (my wife did!). Video coming soon. Of course we found also a Biergarten with Weisswurst, Brezel and (non-alcoholic) beer from a local brewery.

That was the first time we travelled by car for so many hours with the kids. I doubt we could have done more than 5 hours at once. However it’s good to be prepared with anything that keeps the kids busy. My preferred solution is hours of cartoons on the iPad fixed with a front seat mount so that the kids can watch.

What is coming up next? I’m in Southern Moravia, more precisely in Ivancice. So that’s our new home. For how long, I don’t know yet.


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