About Losing and Losing 4-0

I don’t like to lose. You do? Yesterday my team, Italy, lost against a fantastic playing Spanish team. Yes, FANTASTIC. Because WE hardly could see the ball, not to mention to fight it back, counter attack or do anything useful that would have brought us only nearly to a possible chance to score. I’m happy for Spain although I don’t like to loose. I’m happy because it’s not Germany. I love Germany, but I detest the German national team.

Long story, I’ll keep this up for next time.

To the point: I enjoyed it losing 4-0. No discussions, no polemics. It’s crystal clear. Spain is the better team. No, not only the better team. Spain wrote football history! When my kids will be grown up enough to discuss about football, I will tell them about the legendary Spanish team. Last night. I was there. Live. Four goals against a passioned but ineffective and sweating Italian team.

That was no losing last night. That was football history.


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