Italian’s most valuable asset

Italian’s most valuable asset…what do you think? A pizza, the colosseum, a movie, a red car or a small car, a beautiful woman, or may be the smiling face of our former prime minister? Sometimes the more valuable things are the closest. Very close. Intime.

So I’m back in Italy for 24 hours. Sleeping a night at my friend’s house in Monza and than meeting a client. But it took me less than a second to understand what Italian’s most valuable asset is. Right after my morning session. I hope I don’t have to emphasis how important hygiene is, particularly after the morning session. So why is only Italy having, standard a bidè in every bathroom? After spending almost a month in Czech Republic, I hardly understand how anybody in this world can live without a bidè.

My connazionali might not share this conclusion, however.

Thank you Chris and Cameron for taking the pictures for me!

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