image Donny, the personal cruise butler

My personal Butler on MSC Splendida

What makes a holiday perfect? Perfect experiences. In my opinion, the relation with people influence these experiences. One of the reason why my cruise trip was a success for me is due to this relation and thanks to great people working on the MSC Splendida. Like my personal butler.

I was almost scared, feeling like a hypocritical imperialist. A personal butler, at my service, any time during the whole cruise trip… crazy. But it wasn’t. Donny is from Indonesia, one of the hundred of countries represented by the international cruise staff of MSC Crociere. Fluently in Italian, Donny was already the butler of Italian personalities like football players, actors and intellectuals. And now me.

What fascinated me most is that Donny was already there when he was needed. I didn’t need to call for him. And he didn’t wait me for being called. Don’t ask me how he did that, but it was a great feeling. Relaxing.

Thanks MSC… grazie Donny!

That’s one of the experiences I made during my cruise trip with MSC Splendida (#MSCSplendida). More to be shared very soon.

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