Chata Holiday in the Moravian Woods

I just spent a long weekend in the Moravian woods with my family. For my kids (and for me) a very uncommon way to make holiday. For the Czechs very popular.

All you need is a Chata, a sort of wooden bungalow set in the green. Preferable close to a river, a lake or a pond. Our Chata was nearby the dam lake of Dalešice in Moravia, only 30 minutes car drive from the city where we temporarily live. A region covered by dark green forests, yellow and brown fields. Little villages with few houses, apple and plum trees connected by a street following the up and down of the hilly landscape. Set in the middle like main vein the blue water of the Jihlava river.

The kids spent almost every minute outside, playing under the trees, jumping into the muddle and getting dirty like little pigs. I preferred discovery the surrounding by bike, swimming in the lake and bread sausages over the fire.

A paradise for both, playing kids and biking dads.

Little inconvenient: watch out for the ticks!

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