World’s longest swimming pool

The longest* artificial swimming pool can be found in Brno, Czech Republic.

390 meter long, 3 different sections and depths: for kids, non-swimmers and swimmers. The water is filtered from the nearby Svratka river and flows back into the river at the end of what can be considered a side arm really. Set in a green park with beer garden, play ground, beach volley pitch and … an old abandoned villa. The ancient bath house have been operative even before Communism and long after the Fall of the Wall. But not anymore.

My wife spent a summer there, working as lifeguard and ticket seller. Fascinating imaging the spot busy with people in old style bath suites, hanging around, sunbathing, drinking beer and dancing at the chapel’s mazurka music.

The Brno Riviera has been totally renewed and it’s today a perfect place for hot summer days in the city, particularly with kids. Free Wifi connection all over the place. And if you love biking by the riverside exit a cycling track leads you to the Brno city centre or south to Vienna. Love it!

We paid 4 euro per adult and car, so 12 euro in total. If you arrive by car stop by the main gate, get a ticket and they will open the gate. The place is well connected with public transportation and you may decide to arrive even by bike with the cycling track following the Svratka River from the city centre.

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*no guarantee, but the length was impressive. Largest one can be found here.

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