Explaining Cappuccino with a Weisswurst

If you aren’t German or didn’t live in Germany you may have difficulties to understand this. You may even don’t understand if you are German and you live in a different region than Bavaria. So, this explanation might not be sufficient for explaining the Italian habits of drinking Cappuccino. Let’s make a easy start. 

You CAN’T drink Cappuccino after lunch or dinner!

If this is new to you, you must read this post. There are mass of people behaving simply unacceptable: after having a great Italian dinner, they order with nonchalance a cup of Cappuccino! It’s like they would order a bowl of Corn Flakes. Would you?

Germans and Czechs are the WORST!

No matter where, at what time … the understanding of Italian coffee is reduced to a Cappuccino. Waved all different types you can order in an Italian Bar: Espresso, Ristretto, Marocchino, Caffelatte, Latte macchiato, Corretto, … but what worries me more is the response to this act of ignorance: indifference. At least the Americans and English seem concerned and willing to learn more about the Italian coffee culture. It’s a start.

While I totally lost the hope to bring some insights about Italian culture to my Czech family and friends, I may have still a glimmer of hope for my German friends. Particularly after I did exactly the same mistake. With the Weisswurst.

Bavarian Weisswurst

My mistake: I ordered Weisswurst in a Bavarian Brewery. For dinner. That’s exactly the same as you would order a cappuccino for after-dinner. The Bavarian say:

Eine Weißwurst soll das Mittagsläuten nicht hören

I didn’t find the sentence in Bavarian. In Plain English: A white sausage shouldn’t hear the lunch bell. Therefore eat the Weisswurst for breakfast or for a snack before Lunch time, and drink the Cappuccino for breakfast only.

Alternatives to Cappuccino

If you are in Italy, you can order for after-lunch or after-dinner or in the afternoon a caffè americano, or caffè lungo, never a Cappuccino. If you would like an Espresso you can simply order a Caffè. You will receive an Espresso. This is the most elegant solution. If you are NOT in Italy but dining in a Italian restaurant, you probably have to specify if you want an Espresso, otherwise simply order a Coffee and you might receive the usual tank of undrinkable filter coffee.

No offense intended to the filter coffee (and to the Czechs).

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