Sledding under the stars on Rigi Mountain

I was sledding when I was a child. But what I experienced last weekend was different. Forget about trudging up a hill only for few seconds downhill pleasure. When you decide to go sledding by night you follow a specially groomed run where you feel the abyss at the edge hidden in the dark seeing only the white track reflected by the headlights.

I was sledding twice this weekend: on Friday by night on the Rigi, and on Sunday with the kids on the Zugerberg. Both extraordinary experiences.

Sledding by night on the Rigi

My colleague organized a team event Friday night. We took the train from Zug to Arth-Goldau and then with the Rigi Bahn to Rigi Staffel where we rented a sled for 10 Swiss Francs (plus a deposit of 10 Francs). Then we continued with the Rigi Bahn to the summit at Rigi Kulm.

Rigi Bahn
With the Rigi Bahn to the summit
Panoramic View from the Rigi Mountain
View from the train

After a little aperitif at the Rigi Kulm Hotel we grabbed our sled for the first downhill ride. The snow was perfect and quickly my sled gathered speed. That was when I wished I would have wearied shoes with a better grip (recommended!). There where no other breaks. The first bend came closer, very fast. Luckily, the track was not crowed with other people, so my colleagues and I could get childish as much we wanted. As slowing down was impossible I figured out how to drift round a bend like a rally car. And that was great fun.

The track for night sledding leads to the station of Rigi Staffel where we had rented our sleds. The Rigi Bahn was already waiting for us. So we packed the sleds on the train, took a seat and up it went again. Trains leave every 15 minutes for the summit.

After two descents we felt we had the right temperature (we’re practically frozen) for a typical Swiss Cheese Fondue at the Rigi Kulm Hotel. Initially the idea of making a last ride after dinner sounded great. But once me and my other two colleagues stepped out into the night a frozen wind and snow flakes slashed our faces.

I confess, I was teeth chattering from the cold. But as soon we hit the road it was gone.

I liked the sledding by night, although the track is a little short. But the journey to the summit, the great view, breathing the crystal clear air was simply outstanding.

All useful infos for this adventure can be found here:

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