Networking in Zurich thanks to Yelp

I’m a Yelper for almost a year now. Not a very active one. But I found Yelp very useful for finding restaurants and bars in the area. Also, I’m impressed by Yelp’s approach to the market. Rather than applying a global strategy to every country like many other online business do, Yelp engage with a local based community management. Online and offline. Yesterday, I attended one of the offline events initiated by Simon, Zurich’s community manager at Yelp: the burger-tour at its 7th stage. An excellent opportunity for discovering new spots and meet new people aswell.

We went to the Studer’s, one of the burger restaurants on the bucket list located in Züri West, former industrial district turned trendy and heartbeat of Zurich’s night life. You can read the reviews about the Studer’s on Yelp.

Whereas the burger wasn’t what I expected the company was good. Thanks everybody for the evening.

If you’re interested of meeting the Yelp Community of Zurich, have a look of the upcoming events in Zurich on Yelp.

Also I’d recommend to subscribe the newsletter. That’s how I got notice of the burger tour yesterday.

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