gallery Biking Paradise Switzerland

It’s something that amazes me. I used to bike 20 years ago, before I left Switzerland. But only now that I returned, almost 40, I realize what kind of paradise this is. Even the routes I knew before.

biking switzerland
You can’t get lost

Switzerland had always a very good trail network for hiking. At any corner, even in the busy city of Zurich you will find the yellow signs telling the distance and direction to the next hiking stage. In this past weeks I discovered everything the same but for mountain bikers. The signs are burgundy and differ by differnt symbol: the mountain biker with rucksack for bikers and the bicycle for street cycler (makes sense). There are tons of tracks to discover. And they are all mapped and tracked, with Swiss efficiency, on a free smart phone app. More information available on

I tried two itineraries: track 414 from Altdorf up hill to the Brunnital 1400 m asl, and track 22 from Zug to Einsiedeln and track 2 from Einsiedeln through the Alptal to Schwyz. The tracks are perfectly marked. You can’t get lost even without a map.

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