Amazing Swiss health insurance

I guess what occurred me would be considered normal by anyone who grew up and spent most of her life in Switzerland. But not me. I experienced for the first time what I consider a oustanding service in health insurance.

Health insurance is mandatory by law in Switzerland. I used for making a comparison between health insurances and contacted the one that fitted most to my needs.

And I’m very happy with it. Everything works very smooth and the benefits are simply amazing. For example they incentive fitness club subscription, swimming, medical check-ups, … of course everything makes pretty sense. Who’s living healthy generates less costs.

So what amazes me?

In the past year my eye prescription got worse. The reason is a degenerative disorder of the eye, called Keratoconus, in which structural changes within the cornea cause it to thin and change to a more conical shape than the more normal gradual curve.

So to get this corrected I would need special contact lenses, my oculist said.

The cost of these will cost an eye or “un’occhio della testa” as you would say in Italian meaning “it’s very very expensive”. In figures, 2000 CHF once and than 800 CHF each year.

That’s where my health insurance comes into play. Normally they cover up to 300 CHF for new glasses a year. I had a chat with my insurance agent, Antonio. He asked me to send over all the documentation from the oculist. And called me back the very next day with the following news: As the Keratoconus is a rare disease they agreed to cover up to 600 CHF for each eye and PER YEAR.

This is outstanding!

What do you think?

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