Easy Family Walk through Zurich’s country side

The Säuliamt is in my view one of Zurich’s most beautiful rural outset. Officially known as the district of Affoltern, it’s a paradise for easy family walks through villages that maintained its rural charm and where you can admire wooden country houses, the so-called Rieglehuus.

It’s funny though, I asked google for translating me Riegelhaus. The response was Tudor style house. Although I’m not sure whether the buildings we visited are so old.

Family Walk nearby Zurich

From Urdorf we took the S-Bahn S9 (but you can also take the S15) to Affoltern am Albis and then continued with the Postauto direction of Hausen am Albis until Herferswil. The bus stops on the main road from where we walked up to the village center and on the hillside south to Rifferswil. It’s easy with pushchair and the kids got enough distractions, from horses, cows, sheep, old trucks and fountains, to walk all the way.

The highlights along the route

Ice Cream in Affoltern am Albis

Back in Affoltern we stopped at the Café Casino. Good place for Family with Kids. They have own cakes and the service was perfect. Not that crowded on a Sunday afternoon (we were only two in the Café).


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