Palermo street food Chickpea Fritters Sandwich home-made

Palermo’s street food includes some of the greatest specialities of Sicilian cuisine. Two weeks ago I started missing one of these particularly: Pane e panelle or Chickpea Fritters Sandwich.

Chickpea Fritters Sandiwch
The kiosk in Tre Fontane by the seaside where I bought the pane e panelle since I’m a kid.
Chickpea Fritters Sandwich
Chickpea Fritters Sandwich in Palermo. (mat’s eye on flickr and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0)

Chickpea Fritters home-made

It’s very easy to do if you have chickpea flour or a good mixer to make some from dried chickpeas. I started from dried chickpeas and used the Vorwerk Thermomix to make the flour, to mix and cook the flour with water to a thick and sticky mixture (yes, it’s not a kitchen-aid but a kitchen jinny!)

I used the recipe from (Italian):

    • 250 gr. chickpea flour
    • 750 gr. water
    • a spoon of chopped parsley
    • salt and black pepper, as much you like
    • oil for frying
type of canes used in Italy
        The mixture needs some rest. A least 4 hours in the fridge. I poured it in a form (in Italy we used these empty canes but a regular cake form, previously buttered, will do it). Than I forgot the mixture for 3 days in the fridge!

After 3 days I learned that you can prepare the mixture for the panelle in advance. I pulled it out of the form, cut it into slices (may be 1/2 cm thick)  and fried them gold brown in abundant oil.

All you need now is some fresh bread, lemon and salt. That’s it.

As next I’m planning to prepare the Pani câ meusa… if you want to discover what that is, follow my blog.

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