Why I support any team playing against Germany or Switzerland

Don’t take this post too serious. I’m friend of all mankind (except of politicians). My German and Swiss friends, don’t be afraid, I love you. But sorry, I’m against your national football teams. Here is why.

1. Arrogance of German commentators

I can give countless examples about the arrogance of the German TV commentators. You can bet that if the goal keeper of the opponent team holds a sheer unstoppable ball, than the commentator will state that the shoot by the German player was poor rather highlighting the great goal keeping.

2. German Arrogance commenting Italy’s matches

When commenting Italy’s match it’s always a matter of luck that the lazy, cheating Italians won their game. I can perfectly remember how Paul Breitner together with some other journalists spoke about a great performance of Referee Moreno and his staff in Italy vs. South Korea back in 2002 whereas it was a obvious conspiracy to support the home team. Italy may have deserved to loose anyway, but not Spain, not Portugal. Same story here: kicked out by the referees. And the Germans still insisting that it was a GREAT referee performance.

Lieber Paul, I understand 3-1 at Bernabeu Stadium against Italy must still hurt. (Photo: http://www.myfootballfacts.com/)

3. Conspiracy to support the German Team

Not enough, during that FIFA World Cup in 2002, I can remember how the very poor playing German Team could take advantage by several suspicious referee decisions, particularly in the matches against Camerun and the United States.

4. Cheering after scoring: an act of aggression (to my nerves)

Did you ever noticed how German players celebrates their goals? The hand is a fist, and the movements are abrupt. Expression something like : “YES, We Deutschland uber alles defeat you with our supremacy…” There is no laughing, dancing, crying… watch carefully:

5. The coach Jogi Löw

Joooogi?! No comment.

I would say that’s enough to cheer AGAINST the DFB Selection. What about the Swiss Team?

6. The Lichtsteiner Team

That should be the correct name for the Swiss National Football Team. As he is the only Swiss. So what about his team mates?

Think about that: 50.2% of voters in Switzerland accepted the initiative against mass immigration. In 2010 the initiative for the deportation of criminal foreigners was accepted. Both initiatives were pushed by the populist party with in my views a disturbing racist campaign.

Populist Party against the black sheep of the herd.

So, I beg you pardon, but could you imagine a member national conservative Swiss People’s Party cheering his National team of immigrants?

I can’t.

So, let’s start discussion. Do you agree / disagree.

And dont’ forget… it’s only a game. And for once this post is only a persiflage. May the best team win.

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