My all inclusive family holidays in Bellaria, Italy

The second week of our family holidays in Bellaria is almost gone. Time to give a wrap up of one of my first all inclusive holidays ever. To describe it in few words only, it’s a noisy, crowded and tasty holiday. This place is simply perfect for 2 weeks by the seaside with our kids.

We’re staying at the Hotel Roma in Bellaria nearby Rimini set directly in front of the Adriatic Sea. I call it the 3 star hotel with the 5 star cuisine, very friendly staff, perfectly set and the best value for money I’ve ever experienced so far.

Hotel Roma Bellaria
View from the hotel balcony (not from our room unfortunately) on the Bellaria Beach

I was pretty reluctant about my wife’s suggestion of spending here two weeks of our summer holidays, but as usual we decided last minute and we couldn’t find better offers, online neither. In fact, forget about trying to find your family holiday online! We were much more successful contacting directly the hotels by email. Finally, my wife found a package all inclusive for two adults, three kids for 2.500 euro!

Bellaria is a great place for family holidays. The infrastructure and services are tailor-made to families with kids. The hotel staff are kids proofed and the bathhouses offers playground and baby clubs with dedicated activities. For the evenings the city center is perfect for the typical Italian evening walk in the Piazza, the so called “fare le vasche” literally translated “do laps” but where a gelato can’t miss.

As we have no car, we decided to take the train from Zurich to Rimini. What seemed to become a nightmare of a trip was a extremely smooth trip even with some changes that allowed us to set our mind to holiday mode during travel already.

Our trip:
Zurich – Bellinzona, Bellinzona – Milano Centrale, Milano Centrale – Rimini. From Rimini take Bus number 4 to Bellaria Igea Marina. The Bus stop is in front of the railyway exit on the left hand side.

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Tomorrow is our last day.

I make a little fun when I say that we’ll need a holiday from the holidays in Bellaria, but it’s true. If you not used staying in the crowd, having noise and action around you all day long, if you prefer staying on your own without a chat here an there with people you never met before and don’t care about good food and wine, well than this place probably isn’t for you.

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Accommodation Package

  • 2 weeks at Hotel Roma 3* in Bellaria, including room for 2 adults and three kids between 6 and 3 years old
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner including all soft drinks, coffee and wine
  • A spot with two sun chairs and umbrella at the bathhouse Playa del sun

EUR 2.500 booked directly via the hotel.

Extras: Wifi Internet connection in the hotel room and by the seaside 5 euro / week. 1st row spot by the seaside 50 euro / week.

Travel by train

  • In 2nd class from Zurich to Milan and
  • 1st class from Milan to Rimini

For all 300 Swiss francs with half-price ticket in Switzerland and special rate BIMBI GRATIS in Italy.

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