video Attending the European Athletics in Zurich 2014 with the #SwissStarters

I attended the European Athletics Championship Zurich this morning. Thanks to UBS Athletics I received the opportunity to experience this major sport event at the Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich as a Very Important Fan (hu-huu).

Thank you @UBSAthletics!

And I was not alone. Some more cool people were with me, like


Thanks for taking a picture of me, mate 🙂

I liked very much the possibility to ask questions to the members of the Swiss Team, the #SwissStarters on Twitter. And get answers like from marathon champ Christian Kreienbühl (find him on Twitter).

Christian will start for Switzerland. Hopp Christian. Have a look to the marathon course:

At the stadium I also had an athletics expert sitting next to me available for more questions. He shared with me some cool insider stories about the different disciplines. Did you know that the men’s javelin was redesigned as

… the world record had also crept up to a potentially dangerous level, 104.80 m (343.8 ft) by Uwe Hohn. (Wikipedia)

So in fact the risk was the javelin thrower would kill somebody sitting on the other side of the stadium. And guess what. That happen (apparently)!!!



I totally agree.

It was a special experience following the athletes’ competition from just few meters away.

Trying to imagine how hard the athletes have prepared this very special days and how harder it must been to quit after just one race, defeated.

Hopp #SwissStarters and #ForzaAzzurri, of course 🙂

Follow the hashtag #SwissStarters (tweets from the Swiss Community) and #Zurich2014  on Twitter for cool insights about the European Athletics Championship in Zurich 2014.

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