Europa-Park Rust

Europa-Park, not just a theme park

The kids know that we are going to Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany this weekend. I can’t wait to see their faces on Sunday when I’ll announce that the next stage isn’t home but the Europa-Park in Rust!

The Europa-Park is not just like any theme park to me. It’s a piece of my childhood. When I returned last year in June after more than 20 years it seemed to me that everything had changed. No, seemed is the wrong word … everything HAD changed indeed!

The park had grown up, like I had.

Street artists playing with the kiddies

The entertainment build around different European countries was no longer only the place with the great playground and the very high and long slipways where my family used to have the lunch break with pizza and sandwiches stuffed with schnitzel.

A number of new attraction, new countries, new shows, hotels within the park, restaurants, new services, never seen parades … it is simply impossible to discover this Europa-Park within one day only.

Several new attractions … for mammies and daddies 🙂

Last year we stayed at the Hotel Colosseum. We enjoyed it very much. May be the kids were a bit too young for the morning shows, like the park mascot and clowns showing up at the breakfast buffet (my little daughter, 2 years old was frightened of all the strange characters). However as guest of one of the hotels within the park, you have the privilege to stray around while most of other guests have already gone home. And that’s great.

My elder sons are crazy about the Minimoys (ok, me too!). We’re very curious to discover this new attraction.

This time we are going to Rust by train. From Freiburg it’s only a 30 minute trip. We have booked at the Gästehaus Schmidt, which is 100 meters away from the main entrance. It offers a shuttle service from the railway station in Ringsheim.

For the dinner we will try out one of the park restaurants. Last year we had an excellent dinner (and the birthday party of my nephew) at the Castillo with Tapas Buffet and other specialities from Spain.

Looking forward to match this experience.

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