Changing job: time for an homage to my soon-to-be ex-employer

No job, no chance to find an apartment to rent, no permission to stay permanently in Switzerland: The rules were clear and tough. I needed a job in order to take the further steps. Few interviews didn’t go exactly the way I wanted. Then I had a new job interview as social media manager at language travel agency Boa Lingua in Zug.

Boa Lingua

I was excited.

As soon Kurt Krummenacher, CEO at Boa Lingua and Ursula Hitz, Head of Marketing stepped into the room, I knew that I would love to work there.

However… would I cope with the challenge of the newly created social media manager position in a founder managed company? And would the company cope with a profile like mine?

Boa Lingua was founded back in 1989 by Kurt Krummenacher, an avid traveller who wanted to turn his passion for Spanish learning in Latin America into a job. Since then, Boa Lingua became the leading language travel agency in Switzerland.

The strength of Boa Lingua resides on one side in the competence of its counsellors who know exactly what they’re talking about having spent themselves lot of time in traveling the world. I’ve never seen so many young people who already travelled that far and extensive.

Boa Lingua
During a video interview with Boa Lingua client Joel.

On the other side the clients who don’t hesitate to recommend Boa Lingua at any chance and participate to the conversation online (a dream for every community manager). If you need an example, check out the stories we received for Boa Lingua’s 25th anniversary.

Boa Lingua is an innovative company. Many new ideas turned into concrete projects in various of areas. I’m proud to make part of this group for two years now.

language learning abroad
Boa Lingua is one of the first agencies to move away from smiling-people-in-classroom images in their communication to more emotional images which reflect much better the experience of language learning abroad.

A special mention goes to my boss Ursula Hitz: I guess, it wasn’t always easy with me, someone who was his own boss for such a long time and suddenly has to work in a team, follow rules… Ursula gave me space and confidence to fill my position with my ideas… Thank you!

I leave Boa Lingua by 31st December. It’s a special goodbye. After more than 20 years I leave the travel industry for a new challenge. Wish me luck!


  1. Dear Michele,
    you don’t need luck. Just stay the same as you are and success will follow you wherever you go. All the best!
    Rolf (an other ex-boss)

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