video Vorwerk Thermomix new International Social Media Manager … it’s me!

First time I met the Vorwerk Thermomix kitchen appliance was during a cooking session in Monza. My cousin in Sicily and many other Italian friends had told me about this wonder machine (in Italy we call it the Bimby) and I was curious to see it in action. Honestly I was skeptical. I always loved to cook. The Thermomix was only something for people with different hobbies or skills than mine.

But why than do master chefs have a Thermomix in their kitchen? I had to admit the Thermomix deserved a chance, so I participated to the show cooking. I was impressed and I bought the TM-31, of course!

Since than I became a self-appointed Thermomix ambassador spreading actively the word of the best kitchen appliance ever. πŸ™‚

And now?

Few weeks ago I announced my departure from Boa Lingua and the travel industry. January I will start as International Social Media Manager at Vorwerk Thermomix.

I’m very excited.

Thank to my team mate Lukas for the interview! Visit Lukas’s Blog

Are you a foodie or Thermomix ambassador? Share your blog link or other social media profiles in the comments. Happy to connect!


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