The Sicilian meat dish, easy to prepare and to fail, too

Like every year I prepared for Christmas the Falsomagro, one of the thresholds of Sicilian meat dishes. Depending from where you are in Sicily it’s also called braciuluni or rollò.

falsomagro ricetta

I like this Sicilian dish, as you can develop your own creation for the stuffing. The construction is always the same: a veal cut stuffed with ground meat, breadcrumb, mortadella, salami, cheese and/or eggs and tight to something like a fat salami.

It’s easy to prepare, but it’s also easy to fail.

Here is why:

Usually the Falsomagro is prepared with a single slice of veal of 600 – 900 gr. and than open with further cuts to a larger slice. This year I followed the indication of this Falsomagro recipe and used several slices which I put one next to the other making sure they overlap a bit.

sicilian dish
Falsomagro ready to be rolled

I think it’s a great idea, but you need to make sure you tight the Falsomagro right.

I didn’t.

So what happens was that when roasting the veal cut in hot oil some of the stuffing fell out.

The Falsomagro is pretty long. So make sure your pot is large enough in order roast the veal cuts from all sides.

That’s it really. If you follow this two recommandations, your Falsomagro will be a success 🙂

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