Social customer care at its best demonstrated by the Swiss railway service

I was looking for a positive social customer service case I’d like to insert in my workshop next Monday and did find one featuring…. myself.

Last Wednesday I forget 2 birthday cakes at Zurich Central. It was my birthday and I forgot them because I was answering to birthday wishes when the train arrived.

As soon I noticed the disaster, I tweeted to the SBB CFF FFS​ asking if someone just could get the cakes, not to return them to me, but simply to enjoy it. Everything else would have been a total waste.

Actually it was not the first time Twitter helped me to find something I had lost on a train.

I got the answer from the railway service (and the support from some friends, too – thank you!). I even got featured by the Swiss newportal watson​. But a happy end seemed so far away.

Until this morning.

A package was waiting for me in the office, with a stick alert saying “Keep cool until delivered”. I open it and found a birthday card from the ladies at the Swiss railway service on Twitter and a box of Sprüngli Macrons.

Thank you SBB!


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