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My 10 most outstanding moments working at Vorwerk Thermomix

My first year at Vorwerk Thermomix feels like the equivalent of 5 years work. So much things I learned, so many great people I met, so many experiences, so many power point slides I created and so many workshops and meetings and key notes I held or attended.

What is Thermomix? It’s the kitchen appliance by Vorwerk. It’s a surprisingly outstanding cooking experience. And it’s one of those brands that tend to invoke religious overreactions from both the pro and con camps. Like Tesla, Apple or Harley Davidson.

Remember, I felt insecure to accept this challenge.

I was a fan and brand advocate as customer. Now I am a fan and brand advocate as manager. So what is my job at Vorwerk Thermomix… As International Social Media manager I’m responsible for communication on social media and for the Thermomix recipe community.

This are my most outstanding moments in my first year at Vorwerk Thermomix:

1. Testing bimby* recipe in Milan

*did you know? In Portugal and Italy Thermomix is not Thermomix but Bimby.

2. Paternoster ride at Vorwerk’s headquarter in Wuppertal

3. Discovering the threshold of German Engineering at Vorwerk

Yes, I was there where they build the Thermomix and saw this LIVE!

4. Working with in an international team

5. The opportunity to test Cook-Key

Thermomix TM5 with the Cook-Key ready to sync recipes from your recipe treasure on the platform to the appliance through WiFi connection.

6. Discovering cities by jogging

7. My boss

8. Team events like the e-biking weekend with engineering and product management

9. Exploring the basement where you can always find jewels of Thermomix history

10. Delicious, great food everywhere!

Cooked with Thermomix, or enjoyed in always outstanding places (thanks to our assistant Maja, who really got a instinct for that).

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just entered sausage heaven #grischuna

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3 thoughts on “My 10 most outstanding moments working at Vorwerk Thermomix”

  1. Great post and summary Michele! It is nice to stop and think about our greatest moments working where we work… So much accomplished and so many things to learn and share! 🙂


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