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That was my Web Summit 2017

The largest tech conference in the world is also a place where a non-techy like me, can get great inspiration. My Web Summit in 3 words: convenience economy, digital communication, customer retention.

Convenience economy

In the Future of Travel, Gilian Tans (CEO/Booking.com) explains why convenience economy and data analysis is important, i.e. when it comes to improving the users’ search and booking experience of hotel / holiday. The constant increase of information availability but also the different user needs stress the capability of any mobile or web app to deliver value through information and features. Think of the search experience within a portal packed with all kind of information like a hotel booking portal. Booking aims to the teach artificial intelligence to smooth the search and booking process using behavioral data to identify and relief pain points of the users.

Digital communication

Several panels shared best practices in digital communication and social media management.

David Schneider from That Lots helps brands and broadcaster be better on social media. He shared tips and tricks on how to shape the social communication more funny, like:

Ze Frank from Buzzfeed shared the story behind Tasty and how they went from an idea to publish, measuring signals and then understanding what made the signals engage, review, republish and boost through the roof.

The role of CMO need to be reinvented, Til Faida and Jason Harris debated whether a CMO that is not aware of the damage to the brand that his marketing activities (such as banner advertisement while you’re reading online news article through misplaced advertisement on a webpage) should be fired or helped to evolve together with the whole organization from transaction to value driven.

Lars Silberbauer from LEGO explained how fast the team can deliver brand communication initiatives, literally within one week and share the best practices with the $100 project. The project is a crowdsourcing campaign where Lego simply intiated the journey with a brick man and the customer around the world continued ever since (the brick man is still on travel and from the pictures got even married).

Brand recognition at zero? Not a problem. David Schneider and Gail Heimann explain based on a fictive product, a to z content creation that helps market any product/service. The fictive product is SPATNAV, a personal AI assistant for love life …

Julius Dein is a young magician that reaches with his magic tricks and pranks million of users through facebook, youtube and instagram. He believes that viral content has a clear formula so he shared how he managed to build such a huge audience… Julius, how many of this cans with the red bull did you have?

Tim Davie from BBC explained how they differentiate to Netflix producing high quality features and documentaries. He also pointed out the brand value of BBC and trying to match the high expectation the audience have toward such a well-established media brand. Not to surprised that the most wanted TV series are Earth 2 and Doctor Who.
How to make content viral, was build down to create meaningful content to get starts for free to promote your branded content. One panelist stated “don’t listen to the internet, develop your own ideas … ”

source: GIPHY

or that using brand archetypes in communication help trigger recognition. Also, the agile approach is better then planning too long in content production, so the panelist recommended producing, testing, measure.

Customer retention

Ragy Thomas (CEO/Sprinklr) shared last year his insights between customer acquisition and customer retention, stressing brands to take care of their customer care experience. This year from a different angle but still valid (an evergreen).

All talks are available on the WebSummitHQ Facebook Page

Web Summit, Lisbon and November are a perfect combination. Lot to learn, to network, great cuisine and sunshine.


2 thoughts on “That was my Web Summit 2017”

  1. Spannend. Wenn auch alles im Vergleich zum Universum bedeutungslos ist, Deine Englischkenntnisse verbessern sich mit Deinem Job massiv 😉 Baci Harry



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