About me

Roots in Sicily, born in Switzerland, felt in love in Berlin, got married in Mikulov. My three kids were born in Monza.

June 1st, 2012 me and my family left Monza and our apartment where we stayed for 3 years without further alternative than a hotel room booked for 3 weeks.

After 4 month spent on the road and in Czech Republic, my wife and me almost decided to settle down in Moravia. However, Switzerland looked much more attractive to raise three kids.

After a turbulent house hunt and job search in Zurich, I started, after 5 years of self-employment, a new career as Social Media Manager at Boa Lingua Language Studies.

Then, a flirt of 13 months made me leave an industry (travel) to which I was committed for 24 years (!). 2015 I started working for one of my love brands as International Social Media Manager: Thermomix.

This blog is about my personal experiences, opinions and thoughts.

Follow my life at Vorwerk Thermomix on Instagram or Twitter

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