Fifa World Cup

Why I support any team playing against Germany or Switzerland

Don’t take this post too serious. I’m friend of all mankind (except of politicians). My German and Swiss friends, don’t be afraid, I love you. But sorry, I’m against your national football teams. Here is why. Continue reading “Why I support any team playing against Germany or Switzerland”


Dear all, I now live in Switzerland

You may have read about our little adventure this summer.

In September 2012 I arrived in Switzerland with my family and was lucky enough to find an apartment close to Zurich. It’s a nightmare finding a place for rent, at least in this area of Switzerland.

So, this is for making an official announcement to all my friends around the world:

Ragazzi, I now live in Switzerland. Don’t share status updates about how you are enjoying Zurich without having sent me a short notice about your arrival. I’m not very flexible due to family and job, but let me at least try to catch up with your for a coffee.

Said that, I’m glad that I’ve started blogging again. There are a lot of tales to tell about a crazy autumn, about my new role of Social Media Manager and our new plans to relocate (don’t worry, this time it’s just crossing the street).


Final days of Gipsy life

Few weeks ago my son asked me:

Is this our home?

No, this is only a hotel.

Where is our home?

We don’t have a home yet.

I wanna go home.

I’m working on it.

Final days of Gipsy life!

I’ve found a home for my family. In Switzerland nearby Zurich. Close to the place where I spent my childhood. In two weeks my eldest son will start the Swiss kindergarten.

After more than 3 months gipsy life spent between Liguria and Czech Republic we are about to settle down.

Switzerland we’re coming.