Miracoli-Family meets Signor Cappuccino and everything looks so really much Italian

Lately I noticed an advertisement with Italian stereotypes. In fact it’s not big deal, as advertisers may share the conviction that Italian culture help selling stuff like food, drinks, cars or even detergent. At the same time, I feel upset when my neighbor reacted totally surprised that my Mamma doesn’t weight 120 kilo, that I don’t own a car and that I don’t have a Gaggia coffee machine at home.

However, how can I blame my neighbor when generations grew up with this.

Did I miss one? Please share it!

family holidays bellaria 2014
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My all inclusive family holidays in Bellaria, Italy

The second week of our family holidays in Bellaria is almost gone. Time to give a wrap up of one of my first all inclusive holidays ever. To describe it in few words only, it’s a noisy, crowded and tasty holiday. This place is simply perfect for 2 weeks by the seaside with our kids.

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Explaining Cappuccino with a Weisswurst

If you aren’t German or didn’t live in Germany you may have difficulties to understand this. You may even don’t understand if you are German and you live in a different region than Bavaria. So, this explanation might not be sufficient for explaining the Italian habits of drinking Cappuccino. Let’s make a easy start.  Continue reading “Explaining Cappuccino with a Weisswurst”