Social customer care at its best demonstrated by the Swiss railway service

I was looking for a positive social customer service case I’d like to insert in my workshop next Monday and did find one featuring…. myself.

Last Wednesday I forget 2 birthday cakes at Zurich Central. It was my birthday and I forgot them because I was answering to birthday wishes when the train arrived.

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Zurich's Mystic Garden
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Growning up by a mystic garden nearby Zurich (and don’t knowing it)

When I entered the Bruno Weber Park for the first time it reminded me Park Güell. Only, that I was few minutes walking distance away from the place where I grew up as kid: in Dietikon nearby Zurich, Switzerland. Continue reading “Growning up by a mystic garden nearby Zurich (and don’t knowing it)”

UBS Athletics

Attending the European Athletics in Zurich 2014 with the #SwissStarters

I attended the European Athletics Championship Zurich this morning. Thanks to UBS Athletics I received the opportunity to experience this major sport event at the Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich as a Very Important Fan (hu-huu). Continue reading “Attending the European Athletics in Zurich 2014 with the #SwissStarters”


Easy Family Walk through Zurich’s country side

The Säuliamt is in my view one of Zurich’s most beautiful rural outset. Officially known as the district of Affoltern, it’s a paradise for easy family walks through villages that maintained its rural charm and where you can admire wooden country houses, the so-called Rieglehuus. Continue reading “Easy Family Walk through Zurich’s country side”

WordCamp Switzerland

WordCamp Switzerland first highlight: the badge

Back in 2012, I organized a Blogger Conference in Italy, the Travel Blogger Elevator that turned out pretty successful. I remember all the hard work and struggles, particularly when it came to produced the event badge. For the first edition held in Rome it was a nightmare. We spent all day before event cutting out manually every single badge from a piece of paper… for the second edition, I ordered too many of this plastic holder and had to go through even more challenges. Just for a badge. Continue reading “WordCamp Switzerland first highlight: the badge”